Sol Smith


Name: Sol Smith

How long you been riding fixed? 4 years

What part of London you from? Hackney

Who supports you other than FGL? i wouldn't be riding without my support. I love my sponsors like family! Breakbrake 17, Spike parts, Ninjacats London, Zontrac straps, Illustrated People, Traffic Distribution. I am so lucky haha.

How did you get involved with Fixedgearlondon? Andy approached me when i was working at 14 bike co and he made me an offer i couldn't refuse. Wouldn't want to anyway because he's a dude and FGL is OG!

How many fixed gear bikes do you own? i have one 29er trick bike but i plan on building a fast bike. I ride bmx at my local bowl as well.

Apart from riding fixed, what other hobbies do you have? I do a lot of drawing/sketching and run Ninjacats London with my best friends. I'm also really into animal petting and filming video game glitches. 

Where do you like to ride the most? I ride most to work which is always eventful but i get to explore a lot so i would say i like to ride uncharted territory most.

Why do you ride fixed gear bikes? I love the feel of having so much control over the rear wheel, always knowing exactly where it is by feeling your feet. I also love the uniqueness of fixed wheel tricks as they unite weirdos together who all have a shared outlook on the niche extreme sport. I think this keeps a lot of riders true to the game as there wont ever be as big pay cheques as there are in bmx or mountain biking.