Rob Obeng


Name: Rob Obeng

 How long you been riding fixed? About 6 years now

What part of London you from? DBT

Who supports you other than FGL?
No one at the moment, but I'm always open to suggestions.

How did you get involved with Fixedgearlondon?
 I've had the pleasure of meeting Andy a few times over the years. I admire what he's done for the fixed gear scene so when he asked me if I wanted to get involved in FGL there was only one answer.

How many fixed gear bikes do you own? Between 2 and 4 at any one time. At the moment it stands at 2 complete bikes, 2 frames and more parts than I can shake a stick at.

Apart from riding fixed, what other hobbies do you have? Aside from cycling I've got a pretty keen interest in fashion, as well as my eternal quest to find the ultimate burger.


Where do you like to ride the most? I'm equally at home in rush hour traffic or out on the country roads, although when the weather's good nothing beats a long ride out in to the countryside.

Why do you ride fixed gear bikes? 
Quite simply, I love doing it.