Andy Ellis - Æ

Name: Andy Ellis    Age: 32

How long you been riding fixed? Not long enough... since late 2004

What part of London you from? East London.

Who supports you other than FGL? Brascona & Wolvh

How did you get involved with Fixedgearlondon? I started Fixedgearlondon.

 How many fixed gear bikes do you own? 9 or 10.

Apart from riding fixed, what other hobbies do you have? I draw/design stuff, freelance for many bike companies, take photographs...
Where do you like to ride the most? Rush hour in London is the best time to ride fixed for me.

Why do you ride fixed gear bikes? I like the pureness of a fixed gear bike. I like how different it is, of an experience to ride one on the streets. There is no other form of human powered transport that can connect you to the earth, like a fixed gear bike can. It's strange to think that something so natural to ride and simple in design, has been an outcast in the cycling industry for so long. This is a machine that encourages you to take more care when using it, yet it is seen as the most dangerous form of bicycle... Everyone has been brain washed in my opinion.